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Hot Wife Wednesdays…….Open 8p-4a…Every Wednesday……..Admission Prices are as follows Single Men $35….Couples $20 and Single Ladies are FREE!!!!!    Men bring in your HOT WIFE in and show others how hot she really is and let her flaunt her stuff …….Men & Women will be licking their chops with envy because […]

Jacuzzi Tuesday’s

Jacuzzi Tuesday’s……Open 8p-4a………Think u need a body massage well forget that idea we have what u need “A JACUZZI” come in with your friends and enjoy the pulsating jets of water hitting those sore boy parts….What better way for those aching bodies than to share with some SEXY friends, so […]

Military Discount

Thank you to our TROOPS for everything they do and the sacrifices they make so we can live in this wonderful country….In appreciation for the military if you present your current MILITARY ID CARD at the door by 10 pm you will receive a $10 discount ….God Bless the USA […]

Hosting House Parties

Let Club Encounters be your Party Planner!!!!!!!   Do you ever wish that you had some help in getting ready for a house party or even wish someone would HOST it for you in a different location “PROBLEM SOLVED” Club Encounters will Host House Parties for you…..Avoid the hassle of cleaning […]


ASU Students when you show your ASU Student ID at the front door when paying your admission fee your fee will be $15