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Veteran’s Fantasy Party

November 11th….Veteran’s Fantasy Party…..Sunday…..8p-4a…..”Veteran’s Day”……Special shout out to all our Veteran’s in the Military who have served our country and fought for our Freedom…..Without your dedication to our country  we could not live in the Land of the Free and cannot think of a better way to celebrate and to […]


TGIF  NOONER PARTY… OPEN 12:00-7 pm FRIDAY… Time for some adult fun during the day Friday and with a discount on our prices… Come in on your lunch break or when you get off work and relieve some stress and enjoy your fantasies during the day, we know what you […]

Couples ONLY Night

 COUPLES ONLY NIGHT  ……..Couples your admission fee is $30 and if you want to bring a Single Man to this event his fee will be $45 and if you decide to bring a Single Lady her fee is $5……Remember single men & women permitted to enter Club E after 11 […]

Military Discount

Thank you to our TROOPS for everything they do and the sacrifices they make so we can live in this wonderful country….In appreciation for the military if you present your current MILITARY ID CARD at the door by 10 pm you will receive a $10 discount ….God Bless the USA […]


Club Encounters looking to hire RELIABLE/RESPONSIBLE FEMALE Upstairs Attendants, Deejay & Security staff…..Come into the Club on Tuesday & Wednesday nights between 8pm & Midnight to fill out an application and set up an interview….NO ONLINE RESUME’S WILL BE ACCEPTED